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WE ARE benefit consultants EXTRAORDINAIRE

It's not enough to be industry leaders, benefit analyst and healthcare reform experts, in today's complex benefits arena, advisors, need to know compliance, tax provisions, workers compensation, payroll laws and provisions, Human Resource Integration software experts, ACA compliance Experts. All while navigating the many carrier products.

It is truly a fluid environment, and advisors need to know so much more than just insurance products, but a myriad of components to round out a portfolio of offerings to clients in today's benefit landscape

We are benefit consultants extraordinaire!



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Employee benefits is more complex today, bridging the gap between technology, education, training and concierge support. Your employees are now counting on a better experience.


It helps employees when they understand the benefits they are offered, and it starts with a initial consultation and orientation. There are less issues when employees are informed about their benefits.


We provide on-line learning management systems through our state of the art benefit portal, where employees and individuals can access their information and learn about benefits anytime any where.


Benefits is forever changing in a fluid environment, and it makes sense to keep your company and employees informed about these changes that impact companies and organization. We provide on-going education


Voted No 1 in customer service, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in meeting the needs of our clients and their employees, call center, on-line chat and local benefit advisers for a personal touch

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Over 300,000 New Jersey residents qualify for FREE health insurance. The recent passing of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) will qualify many for a no cost or low cost plan option.

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We are the best

Protect Your Health Insurance Solutions, the premier benefits firm in New Jersey is an affiliate agency in partnership with Mid Michigan Health Insurance Advisors (mmhia), division of insurance agents united (iau).

A total of 50 plus years in the benefits industry, that allows concierge service to New Jersey and Pennsylvanian employers, individuals and families.

Through our broker affiliated division (iau), we have over 100 locations Nationwide to serve all of your employees coast-to-coast.


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All things considered, your one stop for all health insurance coverage options.


Surveys consistently show that employees who have access to voluntary benefits experience higher job satisfaction and a higher overall sense of financial well-being. With rising deductibles, premiums and healthcare costs, voluntary benefits, even though employee-paid, create a financial safety-net for your employees by augmenting employer-paid benefits.

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More and more people are beginning to realize that an individual plan is more secure and consistent than relying on group benefits, rarely do people keep the same job, or a movement that is on the rise where people would like to retire early, health insurance will be the biggest missing hole in your financial planning strategy.

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With more than 20 years of service to employers nationwide, we have the experience and resources necessary to cater to the unique needs of any client, no matter size of company or complexity of their benefit issues.

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Get the Most from Your Medicare!

Our Medicare Specialist are dedicated to staying on top of new plan options and regulations as they emerge in the fast-changing Medicare system.

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Know what you want, and in a hurry! You can find just what you need all right here. Sign up online and have a policy within minutes.

ICHRAs For Small Business

More small employers will begin migrating to Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements. The advantages are clear.

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Your Dedicated Team

We're ambitious workaholics, but apart from that, pretty simple people.

Client Testimonials

100% Client satisfaction = 100% retention. Clients remain not only because we are great people, but because we are great for business.


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Rather it be for individual health plans, group benefits for large or small employers, or just need help understanding health options we're here.

We are committed to teaching and living principles of service, integrity and leadership by example. We place the satisfaction of our clients and the success of our agents at the top of our priority list.

We have provided more affordable health insurance coverage, from every corner of the United States. We are one of the top national agencies in group health and individual market, with a record that speaks for itself. Click here to see our recognition letter from CMS.

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